Testing vs Stable

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In Calculate Linux 14 and earlier, all binary updates were stored in a single Git repository, whatever the flavour. Packages were thus updated at the same time as the Portage and overlays master branch was. Back then, as very few hosting platforms allowed automatic modifications, we only used two physical mirrors (the second one was for backup). It was not a good solution in terms of reliability, as well as for testing purposes. In fact, we could only test packages when building them; binary packages


Some News for May 2013 (1 comment)

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There are things that simply crave for being done. And once they are done, you wonder why on hell you've waited for so long before actually setting them right! This is a life truth, but the rule applies to machinery and OSes as well.


Another Way to Update Your CL (1 comment)

Added by Elena FRISON about 11 years ago

Even though Calculate Linux is a rolling-release distribution, you can also update from an ISO image, that is, install from within the current system onto another partition. We've been using this technique for several years now in Calculate, but here are some more tips and explanations on it, that apply to CL 13.


Upgrading Python 2.7

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy almost 13 years ago

Calculate Linux is available for updating the language Python 2.7.


Update Calculate Linux

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Calculate Linux is constantly developing, acquiring its own characteristics. In 11.0 there awaited binary repository. This means that you can now change the methods of updating the system.


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