Transferring applications when reinstalling the system

Added by Elena FRISON almost 5 years ago

Calculate Linux can be updated in two ways: either from an ISO image or in a per package mode. Both methods have their pros and cons. The software is actually updated in a matter of minutes when from an ISO, but the preinstalled software is not transferred once the update procedure has been completed. The per package update takes much more time, the advantage being the automatic transferral of software. Nevertheless, it is the first, ISO-based option that is considered to be the safest way, as your


boot Calculate from USB Disk (1 comment)

Added by jan jacobs about 13 years ago

First time i tried booting Calculate Linux Desktop (KDE) i could not get it to work..
here are the steps i took on my system to get it working.

Commands that you need to enter in a terminal are bold-italic.

First: my desktop uses Ubuntu 10.10
i installed Unetbootin, downloaded the iso from the calculate website.
When i plugged the usbdisk into my netbook, it threw me an error about calcmenu.c32 not beeing a valid file.
So i replaced Calcmenu.c32 with menu.c32 in /syslinux/syslinux.cfg


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Thank you!