Calculate Community

Whether you are an experienced developer of Linux, or just getting started with Linux, there are many ways to participate in the community Calculate. Whatever you do, take a few minutes to discuss Calculate with others and become an active member of the Calculate community.


Share your technical know-how with other users: join the mail and discussion lists or IRC chat and react to requests from users for assistance on the forums.

  • Mailing Lists
    E-mail is the preferred way to discuss various issues. Most of the communication between the developers are on the mailing lists.
  • Forum
    Use the forum if you have any problems. The technical expertise of other members of the community should help.
  • IRC chat
    For rapid communication, use the IRC channel #calculate on The channel has several active users.
  • Report problems
    Help to make Calculate Linux even better: use the bug tracker. Anyone can help!
Thank you!