Easy Linux from the Source

Calculate Linux is an optimized distribution designed for rapid deployment in corporate environment. It is based on Gentoo, but provides a number of preconfigured features.

Calculate Linux comes in four main flavours: Calculate Linux Desktop for personal use, Calculate Directory Server for servers, Calculate Linux Scratch for those who want to build a customized system that works for them and Calculate Media Center for your home multimedia center.

All versions of CL are distributed as bootable LiveCD images that can be used to install on a HDD, a USB Flash or a USB-HDD.


For gurus

  • 100% compatibility with Gentoo.
  • Rolling-release updates : only well tested packages are included.
  • A custom binary repository for any CL version, compiled with the dependencies you need.
  • Can be installed on a USB-Flash or a USB-HDD; the supported filesystems are ext4, ext3, ext2, reiserfs, btrfs, xfs, jfs and fat32.
  • Calculate Utilities : tools we specially designed for interactive customizing of available versions or creating new ones.

For corporate use

  • A ready client-server solution with Calculate Directory Server and Calculate Linux Desktop.
  • Fastly deployable, to be installed from DVD, USB or PXE.
  • Perfect for heterogenous networks: Calculate Linux Deskop and MS Windows users can share any Calculate Directory Server resources.
  • Can be easily reconfigured, including software and parameters.
  • Local or distant system management with Calculate Utilties.


We release Calculate Linux twice or thrice a year; the version number says when it was actually released (year and month, starting with 7.6, i.e. June 2007). Weekly Stage images are also available, to always keep you up-to-date. Note that the format of a Stage version number reads as YYMMDD.

Thank you!