Calculate Linux

Calculate Linux Scratch (CLS) and Calculate Scratch Server (CSS) are specialized distributions designed to build a liveCD for any task.

The distribution includes the bare minimum necessary to build a desktop (CLS) or Server (CSS): driver and utilities, libraries, source code for the Linux kernel and Portage. CLS also has a preinstalled Xorg Server and graphics libraries.


  • The LiveCD contains an exact copy of the installation image.
  • CLS includes utilities for configuring, building and installing the system.
  • Interactive system build allows you to build a customized ISO image.
  • Can be installed on a USB-Flash or a USB-HDD with ext4, ext3, ext2, reiserfs, btrfs, xfs, jfs or fat32.
  • 100% compatible with Gentoo.


Feel the advantage of maximum performance and supported equipment.

  • Maximum optimization for older systems.
  • Quick installation with simple one-line installer.
  • Easy update via Portage.
Thank you!