You can get help for Gentoo Portage packages any time you need. Information is updated every hour, please search available. You can subscribe to the Updates RSS as well.

  • Newest packages
    The newest package service reflects changes in portages and Calculate overlay for the last three days. For your convenience, packages are divided into categories and sorted alphabetically.
  • Gentoo Linux Security Advisories
    This page contains all available information of the Gentoo Linux Security Advisories database. Whenever you like, you can view the currently available version of any package.
  • Package review
    It lists the repositories. Just select a package, and you will get detailed information about it, including information from GLSA (at example).
  • USE flags
    This page contains information about primary USE flags with their description. Select a flag to view the corresponding package list.
  • All licenses
    This section contains texts of the licenses used in the packages. To the right of the chosen license, the list of software, distributed under this license, is shown.

You can also visit, to search for programs in all available overlays.

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