Cl-Kernel Is Back

Added by Elena FRISON over 8 years ago

We missed it as much as you did. After seven months without cl-kernel, a Calculate Linux automatic kernel configuration tool forked from genkernel, we decided to resume its development. Better still, it was completely reshaped.


Meet the new calculate-sources

Added by Elena FRISON almost 11 years ago

Since calculate-sources v3.7.10 / 3.8, your kernel will be built on a quite new basis.

All kernel settings were moved to templates

How it works

Our new approach somewhat reminds me of eclasses that change the way an ebuild behaves without actually changing its version. It doesn't help release binary updates, but makes routines simplier. Besides:

  1. Kernel updates will be released soon after the vanilla release has been announced, as we won't need extra time to patch ebuilds.

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Thank you!