We have built a bridge to XMPP/Jabber!

Added by Elena FRISON almost 5 years ago

IRC, Matrix and XMPP are now bridged together on Calculate Linux

Use any of IRC, Matrix or XMPP client application to join the Calculate community and start chatting.

There is no point in describing the features of each protocol here, since you do not need to change anything if you are already using them. Just come to our chat room. If you do not use any of the clients that support these protocols, try Matrix.

New Jabber settings



A Matrix chat server has been launched for Calculate Linux users

Added by Elena FRISON almost 5 years ago

Choosing a communication platform is both an important and difficult task. IRC would seem to be ideal for this purpose as it provides good functionality, ensures reliable spam protection and does not require a registration. All Live Calculate CDs/DVDs still do come with a pre-configured IRC client, but the number of IRC users has been declining significantly as social networks became widely used.

Social networking has undoubtedly expanded the community, but has not brought people together. IRC


Also available in: Atom

Thank you!