13000 binary packages available!

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy about 5 years ago

We did it: over 13000 binary packages available for installation in Calculate Linux!

Migrating Portage to Git

Added by Elena FRISON about 12 years ago

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A week ago or so, we were vividly discussing the Portage Tree on Git issue on our mail list. The idea was unanimously accepted.

Beginning with Stage 20111114, Portage is by default synchronized with our Git server


Unmasking packages using portage

Added by Alexey Kazakov over 12 years ago

Not so far ago I found an interesting feature in portage-2.2. Two wonderful options had been appeared in emerge: --autounmask and --autounmask-write. They allow users not to install additional package app-portage/autounmask saving easy and safe handling with package unmasking.

-autounmask [ y | n ]

Automatically unmask packages and generate package.use settings as necessary to satisfy dependencies. This option is enabled by default. If any configuration changes are required, then


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