Migrating Portage to Git

Added by Elena FRISON over 12 years ago

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A week ago or so, we were vividly discussing the Portage Tree on Git issue on our mail list. The idea was unanimously accepted.

Beginning with Stage 20111114, Portage is by default synchronized with our Git server


New service review Gentoo Portages

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy about 14 years ago

Today, finished work on a new service review portage Gentoo


  • Convenient sorting the list of new packages;
  • Base GLSA, for each package you can see the problems identified in the security;
  • Content ebuild-s, changelogs, differences in the ebuild;
  • Licenses, a list of packages using the selected license;
  • USE flags indicating the packages that use them;
  • Full-text search.

Write to all comments and suggestions for improvement.

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Thank you!