Some New Cl-Update-Profile Tricks

Added by Elena FRISON about 9 years ago

User Features

The cl-update-profile tool was considerably rewritten for Calculate Utilities 3.2.2, featuring:

  1. Selection of the method used for world update, instead of the default behavior;
  2. System settings update (by default);
  3. A method for configuration files update;
  4. Template selection.

To switch to your custom profile, please execute:

cl-update-profile --url=github:MYOVERLAY --rebuild-world

The relevant overlay(s) will be added and the world file (found


CL 14 Alpha now available for testing (1 comment)

Added by Elena FRISON over 9 years ago

Hello everyone,

On the behalf of the team, I am glad to announce that the Alpha version of Calculate 14 is now available on our servers. Whatever your desktop environment, please execute the following if you want to test:

layman -a distros

Change the profile. Example for CLDX, on the 64bit architecture:

eselect profile set distros:CLDX/amd64

Update utilities:

emerge calculate-utilities

After upgrading calculate-utilities, you can update your CL system by simply running cl-update from the command line:


or from


What's New on Calculate Linux (Oct 2012)

Added by Elena FRISON about 11 years ago

We've made it! After many alpha versions, we are finally releasing the first Calculate Utilities 3.1 Beta. Binary packages are now available for them in all CL editions. Let's have a closer look at the changes.


Also available in: Atom

Thank you!