Joining Windows System to CDS Domain (Open LDAP)

Added by Pranav sharma over 13 years ago

Objective: Is to have a way around to have Windows System joined to CDS Domain (Open LDAP). Here is the simple walkthrough.

Windows XP will act here as a client under the architecture of Calculate Linux. User access/restrictions will be imposed based upon user ID and group belonging.


Configuring Squid, SquidGuard, SquidClamAV binded with LDAP Auth

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Installing/Configuring Squid Proxy service in the system

Support for proxy service came in a package calculate-server 2.0.13. The server is the most common proxy server Squid.
Before installing, make sure you have the system installed service ldap, if it has not been installed, run the installation command:

cl-setup ldap

Then we can set up Proxy as below:

cl-setup proxy



Centralized Package,Application deployments through CDS

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Setting up Puppetmaster and Puppetd for Automation of Centralized package deployment and repairing of broken packages


Puppet is a concept and is useful for Large Organizations which require automated install,repair,upgrade mass package deployments on all or on some systems that too without any human intervention. You can say that is where Linux offers Automation.

In puppet Architecture we have one Centralized Linux (CDS) server which


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