We have built a bridge to XMPP/Jabber!

Added by Elena FRISON over 1 year ago

IRC, Matrix and XMPP are now bridged together on Calculate Linux

Use any of IRC, Matrix or XMPP client application to join the Calculate community and start chatting.

There is no point in describing the features of each protocol here, since you do not need to change anything if you are already using them. Just come to our chat room. If you do not use any of the clients that support these protocols, try Matrix.

New Jabber settings



A Matrix chat server has been launched for Calculate Linux users

Added by Elena FRISON over 1 year ago

Choosing a communication platform is both an important and difficult task. IRC would seem to be ideal for this purpose as it provides good functionality, ensures reliable spam protection and does not require a registration. All Live Calculate CDs/DVDs still do come with a pre-configured IRC client, but the number of IRC users has been declining significantly as social networks became widely used.

Social networking has undoubtedly expanded the community, but has not brought people together. IRC


Transferring applications when reinstalling the system

Added by Elena FRISON over 1 year ago

Calculate Linux can be updated in two ways: either from an ISO image or in a per package mode. Both methods have their pros and cons. The software is actually updated in a matter of minutes when from an ISO, but the preinstalled software is not transferred once the update procedure has been completed. The per package update takes much more time, the advantage being the automatic transferral of software. Nevertheless, it is the first, ISO-based option that is considered to be the safest way, as your


Calculate Linux Livecd with zstd (2 comment)

Added by Elena FRISON almost 2 years ago

We've got news!

We decided to compress our LiveCD Calculate Linux in the zstd format intead of the actually used xz. Zstd archives are larger, but the system boots ways faster with it. The system installs in no time and applications start in a flash. If you are building a customized version of Calculate, repacking of the modified packages will run faster too. The zstd archiver is also less RAM-consuming. Our new record, an updated CLDX installed in 1 min 21 sec on a NVMe PC with the i3 processor, while it took 4 min before. It booted then in 28 sec, against 35 sec earlier on the same computer.


We are on Telegram now

Added by Elena FRISON about 2 years ago

Welcome to the Telegram Calculate Linux channel!

When we think communication, we think privacy, practicable features and no ads. Telegram is all this indeed.


Turning 11

Added by Elena FRISON over 2 years ago

On June 6, 2007 the first ever Calculate Linux release was made available for download. Ten years back


Installation on Software RAID

Added by Elena FRISON almost 3 years ago


RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a data storage virtualization technology that combines multiple physical disk drive components into a logical unit for the purposes of data redundancy (except RAID 0) and performance improvement, or both. You do not need a RAID controller to set up a RAID array. As it does not require specific hardware, a RAID array can be, if needed, relocated to


Your CL new (easily customizable) looks

Added by Elena FRISON about 3 years ago


Let's admit it: the appearance of Calculate Linux 17 and earlier was not easy to configure. As all system tools use static paths to image files, you can not change anything unless you delete the theme package first, or create and apply templates for more automated configuration. In the latter case, you had also to think about image resolution, so that not to overload your computer with too big a wallpaper, nor to distort a too small one. And should you want to change appearances on a CL Live USB drive, bootable on different hardware, you had provide for all possible resolution patterns, at least for the Grub or bootup screen. All this was cumbersome and tricky. That is why Calculate users often preferred standard appearance, even though many maintained their customized version of the distribution.

It took us some time to find a flexible solution for unfamiliar or non-expert users, working either on a hard disk or on a Live USB drive. Calculate tools and templates were rewritten.


Something you might want to know about Calculate Utilities 3.5.1

Added by Elena FRISON over 3 years ago

As you might have noticed, Calculate Utilities have been updated recently. A small yet important update.


Calculate Utilities 3.5 beta released

Added by Elena FRISON almost 4 years ago

language Russian

The first beta of Calculate Utilities 3.5 has been made available. The brand new sys-apps/calculate-utils package now features server configuration tools, even though only only basics are supported for the time being, such as database deployment, LDAP server configuration, creating accounts for Unix users, files and configuration backups, etc. We completely rewrote the server utilities. Server templates were moved to the Calculate overlay. Two more USE flags, backup and server, were added to the package, which stand respectively for creating backups and server configuration. Until they have been implemented, the new server features will not be available for Calculate Directory Server. Instead, a transitory solution called Timeless will be released regularly, to be later merged with CDS.


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