Description:Homebrew PVR project
License: GPL-2
  • + - stable
  • ~ - unstable
  • M - hardmask
alpha amd64 arm hppa ia64 m68k mips ppc ppc64 s390 sh sparc x86
29.1-r1 - ~ - - - - - - - - - - ~

USE flags

  • aac - Enable support for MPEG-4 AAC Audio
  • alsa - Allows MythTV to directly output sound to ALSA devices, this is needed if you are using ALSA dmix or SPDIF. Note, you will have to physically type your device into the MythTV configuration since it will only give you /dev/dsp devices in the drop down.
  • altivec - Builds ffmpeg's codec libraries with altivec support.
  • autostart - Uses a custom autostart configuration gleaned from experience with MythTV since its early versions and discussed with other MythTV maintainers and users. Does not rely on KDE being installed like most methods do.
  • avahi - Add avahi/Zeroconf support
  • bluray - Pulls in libbluray for BluRay support.
  • cec - Allows you to control CEC enabled TVs via HDMI. Currently requires a USB based CEC -> HDMI injector between your TV and video card since no graphics drivers support CEC natively.
  • crystalhd - Allows you to utilize a Broadcom CrystalHD hardware based video decoder to improve the performance of video decode.
  • css - Enable reading of encrypted DVDs
  • dbus - Enable dbus support for anything that needs it (gpsd, gnomemeeting, etc)
  • debug - Instructs Qt to use the 'debug' target instead of 'release' target. If your MythTV is crashing or you need a backtrace, you need to compile it with this option otherwise the debugging data is useless.
  • dvb - Add support for DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting)
  • dvd - Add support for DVDs
  • egl - Support EGL video output.
  • fftw - Support visualizations via sci-libs/fftw
  • hls - HTTP Live Streaming support
  • ieee1394 - Allows MythTV to communicate and use Firewire enabled Cable boxes. These are typically found in the United States, where such support is required by law. This will also install Firewire test programs and external channel changers if the internal changer does not work.
  • input_devices_joystick - INPUT_DEVICES setting to build driver for joystick input devices
  • jack - Allows MythTV to use JACK as your sound output device. You will have to manually configure the path to your JACK settings.
  • lcd - Tells MythTV that you have an instance of app-misc/lcdproc configured on your machine and it should output information such as current time, show name, episode name, etc to that LCD.
  • libass - SRT/SSA/ASS (SubRip / SubStation Alpha) subtitle support
  • lirc - Adds LIRC support directly to MythTV allowing for built in control via a LIRC device.
  • mythlogserver - Enable support for syslog and file logging. Not used with systemd.
  • perl - Builds the perl bindings for MythTV. Allows you to write scripts in Perl to control your MythTV setup or communicate with it.
  • profile - Add support for software performance analysis (will likely vary from ebuild to ebuild)
  • pulseaudio - Add support for PulseAudio sound server
  • python - Add optional support/bindings for the Python language
  • python_targets_python2_7 - Build with Python 2.7
  • systemd - Enable use of systemd-specific libraries and features like socket activation or session tracking
  • theora - Add support for the Theora Video Compression Codec
  • vaapi - Enable Video Acceleration API for hardware decoding
  • vdpau - Enable the Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix acceleration interface
  • video_cards_via - VIDEO_CARDS setting to build driver for via video cards
  • vorbis - Add support for the OggVorbis audio codec
  • wrapper - Use Ubuntu mythtfrontend wrapper.
  • xml - Add support for XML files
  • xmltv - Pulls in the media-tv/xmltv TV listing grabbers for users not using Schedules Direct.
  • xvid - Add support for's open-source mpeg-4 codec
  • zeroconf - Support for DNS Service Discovery (DNS-SD)

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