Add support for raw image formats
Name Category Description
efl dev-libs Enlightenment Foundation Libraries all-in-one package
freeimage media-libs Image library supporting many formats
freeimage media-libs Image library supporting many formats
gegl media-libs A graph based image processing framework
gnome-color-manager gnome-extra GNOME color profile tools
gthumb media-gfx Image viewer and browser for Gnome
gwenview kde-apps Image viewer by KDE
hugin media-gfx GUI for the creation & processing of panoramic images
imagemagick media-gfx A collection of tools and libraries for many image formats
kphotoalbum media-gfx Tool for indexing, searching, and viewing images
krita media-gfx Free digital painting application. Digital Painting, Creative Freedom!
kstars sci-astronomy Desktop Planetarium
mythplugins media-plugins Official MythTV plugins
mythtv media-tv Open Source DVR and media center hub
nomacs media-gfx Qt-based image viewer
openimageio media-libs A library for reading and writing images
oyranos media-libs Colour management system allowing to share settings across apps and services
photoqt media-gfx Simple but powerful Qt-based image viewer
thumbnailers kde-apps Thumbnail generators for PDF/PS and RAW files
tracker-miners app-misc Collection of data extractors for Tracker/Nepomuk

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