Add support for PulseAudio sound server
Name Category Description
aegisub media-video Advanced subtitle editor
allegro media-libs Cross-platform library aimed at video game and multimedia programming
alsa-plugins media-plugins ALSA extra plugins
aqualung media-sound Music player for a wide range of formats designed for gapless playback
audacious-plugins media-plugins Lightweight and versatile audio player
audiotools media-sound A collection of command line audio tools
avidemux media-video Video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks
avidemux-plugins media-libs Plugins for the video editor media-video/avidemux
blueman net-wireless Simple and intuitive GTK+ Bluetooth Manager
bristol media-sound Synthesizer keyboard emulation package: Moog, Hammond and others
cdemu-daemon app-cdr Daemon of the CDEmu optical media image mounting suite
chromium www-client Open-source version of Google Chrome web browser
Class-Member dev-perl Class::Member - A set of modules to make the module developement easier
clementine media-sound Modern music player and library organizer based on Amarok 1.4 and Qt
cmus media-sound Ncurses based music player with plugin support for many formats
conky app-admin An advanced, highly configurable system monitor for X
csound media-sound Sound design and signal processing system for composition and performance
cubicsdr net-wireless Cross-Platform and Open-Source Software Defined Radio Application
darkice media-sound A live audio streamer
deadbeef media-sound foobar2k-like music player

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