Add optional support/bindings for the Perl language
Name Category Description
atheme-services net-irc A portable and secure set of open-source and modular IRC services
bookmarksync www-misc bookmarksync synchronizes various browser bookmark files
chasen app-text Japanese Morphological Analysis System, ChaSen
claws-mail mail-client An email client (and news reader) based on GTK+
collectd app-metrics Collects system statistics and provides mechanisms to store the values
cups-filters net-print Cups filters
cyrus-imapd net-mail The Cyrus IMAP Server
dbhub net-p2p Hub software for Direct Connect, fork of opendchub
ebtables net-firewall Controls Ethernet frame filtering on a Linux bridge, MAC NAT and brouting
elinks www-client Advanced and well-established text-mode web browser
epic5 net-irc Epic5 IRC Client
exact-image media-gfx A fast, modern and generic image processing library
exim mail-mta A highly configurable, drop-in replacement for sendmail
fvwm x11-wm An extremely powerful ICCCM-compliant multiple virtual desktop window manager
fvwm3 x11-wm A multiple large virtual desktop window manager derived from fvwm
g15daemon app-misc Takes control of the G15 keyboard, through the linux kernel uinput device driver
getdata sci-libs Reference implementation of the Dirfile, format for time-ordered binary data
git dev-vcs Stupid content tracker: distributed VCS designed for speed and efficiency
glibc sys-libs GNU libc C library
gnumeric app-office The GNOME Spreadsheet

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