Description:Core libraries for Xine movie player
License: GPL-2
  • + - stable
  • ~ - unstable
  • M - hardmask
alpha amd64 arm hppa ia64 m68k mips ppc ppc64 s390 sh sparc x86
1.2.9999 diff - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1.2.11 diff - + - ~ - - - + + - - - +
1.2.10 - + - ~ - - - + + - - - +

USE flags

  • a52 - Enable support for decoding ATSC A/52 streams used in DVD
  • aac - Enable support for MPEG-4 AAC Audio
  • aalib - Add support for media-libs/aalib (ASCII-Graphics Library)
  • alsa - Add support for media-libs/alsa-lib (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture)
  • altivec - Add support for optimizations for G4 and G5/ppc970 processors
  • bluray - Enable playback of Blu-ray filesystems using media-libs/libbluray
  • css - Enable reading of encrypted DVDs
  • debug - Enable extra debug codepaths, like asserts and extra output. If you want to get meaningful backtraces see
  • directfb - Add support for DirectFB layer (library for FB devices)
  • dts - Enable DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder support
  • dvb - Add support for DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting)
  • dxr3 - Enable support for DXR3 mpeg acceleration cards.
  • esd - Adds support for media-sound/esound (Enlightened Sound Daemon)
  • fbcon - Add framebuffer support for the console, via the kernel
  • flac - Build the media-libs/flac based FLAC demuxer and decoder. This flag is not needed for playing FLAC content, neither standalone nor in Ogg container (OggFLAC), but might have better support for exotic features like 24-bit samples or 96kHz sample rates.
  • fontconfig - Support for configuring and customizing font access via media-libs/fontconfig
  • gnome - Add GNOME support
  • gtk - Build the gdkpixbuf-based image decoder plugin.
  • imagemagick - Build the ImageMagick-based image decoder plugin.
  • ipv6 - Add support for IP version 6
  • jack - Add support for the JACK Audio Connection Kit
  • jpeg - Add JPEG image support
  • libav - Prefer libav over ffmpeg whenever both are supported
  • libcaca - Add support for colored ASCII-art graphics
  • mad - Build the media-libs/libmad based mp3 decoder. This mp3 decoder has superior support compared to the one coming from FFmpeg that is used as a fallback. If you experience any bad behaviour with mp3 files (skipping, distorted sound) make sure you enabled this USE flag.
  • mmap - Use mmap() function while reading file from local disks. Using mmap() will use more virtual memory space, but leaves to the Kernel the task of caching the file's data. mmap() access should be faster, but might misbehave if the device where the file resides in is removed during playback.
  • mng - Add support for libmng (MNG images)
  • modplug - Add libmodplug support for playing SoundTracker-style music files
  • musepack - Enable support for the musepack audio codec
  • nfs - Allow accessing NFS shares via net-fs/libnfs.
  • nls - Add Native Language Support (using gettext - GNU locale utilities)
  • opengl - Add support for OpenGL (3D graphics)
  • oss - Add support for OSS (Open Sound System)
  • pulseaudio - Add support for PulseAudio sound server
  • samba - Add support for SAMBA (Windows File and Printer sharing)
  • sdl - Add support for Simple Direct Layer (media library)
  • sftp - Use net-libs/libssh2 to access SFTP servers.
  • speex - Add support for the speex audio codec (used for speech)
  • static-libs - Build static versions of dynamic libraries as well
  • theora - Add support for the Theora Video Compression Codec
  • truetype - Use media-libs/freetype for font rendering and media-libs/fontconfig for font discovery. Enabling this USE flag will allow OSD (such as subtitles) to use more advanced font and to more easily select which font to use. The support for TrueType fonts in xine-lib is still experimental, and might not be as good looking as the bitmap fonts used with this USE flag disabled.
  • v4l - Enable support for video4linux (using linux-headers or userspace libv4l libraries)
  • v4l2 - Enable support for video4linux (DEPRECATED: Use USE v4l for your package to enable v4l2 or libv4l support)
  • vaapi - Enable Video Acceleration API for hardware decoding
  • vcd - Video CD support
  • vdpau - Enable the Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix acceleration interface
  • vdr - Build the VDR plugin
  • vidix - Enable support for vidix video output.
  • vis - Adds support for SIMD optimizations for UltraSPARC processors.
  • vorbis - Add support for the OggVorbis audio codec
  • vpx - Enable VP8 codec support via media-libs/libvpx.
  • wavpack - Add support for wavpack audio compression tools
  • wayland - Enable dev-libs/wayland backend
  • X - Add support for X11
  • xcb - Support the X C-language Binding, a replacement for Xlib
  • xinerama - Add support for querying multi-monitor screen geometry through the Xinerama API
  • xv - Add in optional support for the Xvideo extension (an X API for video playback)
  • xvmc - Enable support for XVideo Motion Compensation (accelerated mpeg playback).

Security Advisory

Date Severity Title
almost 7 years high Multiple packages, Multiple vulnerabilities fixed in 2011
over 11 years normal xine-lib: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
about 13 years normal xine-lib: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
over 13 years normal xine-lib: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
over 13 years normal xine-lib: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
over 14 years normal xine-lib: Heap-based buffer overflow
almost 15 years normal xine-lib: Buffer overflow
about 15 years normal xine-lib: Buffer overflows
about 15 years normal xine-lib: Buffer overflow
over 15 years normal xine-lib: Buffer overflow vulnerability
over 15 years normal xine-lib, FFmpeg: Heap-based buffer overflow
almost 16 years normal xine-lib: Format string vulnerability
over 16 years normal xine-lib: Two heap overflow vulnerabilities
over 16 years normal xine-lib: Multiple overflows
about 17 years normal xine-lib: Multiple vulnerabilities
about 17 years normal xine-lib: VCD MRL buffer overflow
over 17 years high MPlayer, xine-lib: vulnerabilities in RTSP stream handling
over 17 years normal Multiple vulnerabilities in xine

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