Add support for Unicode
Name Category Description
amule net-p2p aMule, the all-platform eMule p2p client
asapm x11-plugins APM monitor for AfterStep
aspell app-text Free and Open Source spell checker designed to replace Ispell
baekmuk-fonts media-fonts Korean Baekmuk Font
baselayout sys-apps Filesystem baselayout and init scripts
bfgminer net-misc Modular Bitcoin ASIC/FPGA/GPU/CPU miner in C
biosdisk sys-apps FreeDOS based BIOS updating utility for Dell machines
cdk dev-libs A library of curses widgets
cdrtools app-cdr A set of tools for CD/DVD reading and recording, including cdrecord
clisp dev-lisp A portable, bytecode-compiled implementation of Common Lisp
cmatrix app-misc An ncurses based app to show a scrolling screen from the Matrix
cmigemo app-text Migemo library implementation in C
cmus media-sound Ncurses based music player with plugin support for many formats
codeblocks dev-util The open source, cross platform, free C, C++ and Fortran IDE
coreutils sys-apps Standard GNU utilities (chmod, cp, dd, ls, sort, tr, head, wc, who,...)
Curses dev-perl Curses interface modules for Perl
dialog dev-util Tool to display dialog boxes from a shell
diction app-text Diction and style checkers for english and german texts
doxygen app-doc Documentation system for most programming languages
dpkg app-arch Package maintenance system for Debian

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