Add support for Unicode
Name Category Description
ibus app-i18n Intelligent Input Bus for Linux / Unix OS
iptraf-ng net-analyzer A console-based network monitoring utility
iscan media-gfx EPSON Image Scan v3 for Linux
kicad sci-electronics Electronic Schematic and PCB design tools
kmscon sys-apps KMS/DRM based virtual Console Emulator
latencytop sys-process tool for identifying where in the system latency is happening
less sys-apps Excellent text file viewer
letterize app-text Generate English-plausible alphabetic mnemonics for a phone number
libewf app-forensics Implementation of the EWF (SMART and EnCase) image format
libpcre dev-libs Perl-compatible regular expression library
libpcre2 dev-libs Perl-compatible regular expression library
libXaw3d x11-libs X.Org Xaw3d library
libXaw3dXft x11-libs Xaw3dXft library
links www-client A fast and lightweight web browser running in both graphics and text mode
lnav app-admin A curses-based tool for viewing and analyzing log files
log4cxx dev-libs Library of C++ classes for logging to files, syslog and other destinations
lynx www-client An excellent console-based web browser with ssl support
maim media-gfx Commandline tool to take screenshots of the desktop
mapserver sci-geosciences Development environment for building spatially enabled webapps
maxima sci-mathematics Free computer algebra environment based on Macsyma

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