Prefer net-libs/gnutls as SSL/TLS provider (ineffective with USE=-ssl)
Name Category Description
ahoviewer media-gfx A GTK image viewer, manga reader, and booru browser
anope net-irc Anope IRC Services
aria2 net-misc A download utility with segmented downloading with BitTorrent support
bitlbee net-im irc to IM gateway that support multiple IM protocols
claws-mail mail-client An email client (and news reader) based on GTK+
courier mail-mta An MTA designed specifically for maildirs
courier-imap net-mail An IMAP daemon designed specifically for maildirs
criu sys-process utility to checkpoint/restore a process tree
curl net-misc A Client that groks URLs
dnsdist net-dns A highly DNS-, DoS- and abuse-aware loadbalancer
echoping net-analyzer Small program to test performances of remote servers
efl dev-libs Enlightenment Foundation Libraries all-in-one package
elinks www-client Advanced and well-established text-mode web browser
exim mail-mta A highly configurable, drop-in replacement for sendmail
ffmpeg media-video Complete solution to record/convert/stream audio and video. Includes libavcodec
freetds dev-db Tabular Datastream Library
fwupd sys-apps Aims to make updating firmware on Linux automatic, safe and reliable
getdns net-dns Modern asynchronous DNS API
gkrellm app-admin Single process stack of various system monitors
gloox net-libs A portable high-level Jabber/XMPP library for C++

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