Add support for encryption -- using mcrypt or gpg where applicable
Name Category Description
air app-forensics A GUI front-end to dd/dc3dd
basket kde-misc Multiple information organizer - a DropDrawers clone
buildbot dev-util BuildBot build automation system
calligra app-office KDE Office Suite
courier mail-mta An MTA designed specifically for maildirs
cvs dev-vcs Concurrent Versions System - source code revision control tools
gajim net-im Jabber client written in PyGTK
glibc sys-libs GNU libc C library
gmime dev-libs Library for creating and parsing MIME messages
gnumail gnustep-apps Fully featured mail application for GNUstep
gtk-splitter app-arch Split files into smaller pieces and combine them back together
gvim app-editors GUI version of the Vim text editor
haproxy net-proxy A TCP/HTTP reverse proxy for high availability environments
hdup app-backup Hdup is backup program using tar, find, gzip/bzip2, mcrypt and ssh
konversation net-irc User friendly IRC Client
lbdb net-mail Little Brother database
lessfs sys-fs A high performance inline data deduplicating filesystem
libgdata dev-libs GLib-based library for accessing online service APIs using the GData protocol
libmtp media-libs Implementation of Microsoft's Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)
libsecret app-crypt GObject library for accessing the Secret Service API

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