Name Category Description
cava media-sound Console-based Audio Visualizer for Alsa
cmus media-sound Ncurses based music player with plugin support for many formats
cubeb media-libs Cross-platform audio library
ffmpeg media-video Complete solution to record/convert/stream audio and video. Includes libavcodec
firefox www-client Firefox Web Browser
libao media-libs The Audio Output library
libsdl2 media-libs Simple Direct Media Layer
moc media-sound Music On Console - ncurses interface for playing audio files
mpd media-sound The Music Player Daemon (mpd)
mpv media-video Media player for the command line
openal media-libs A software implementation of the OpenAL 3D audio API
pcsx2 games-emulation PlayStation 2 emulator
scummvm games-engines Reimplementation of the SCUMM game engine used in Lucasarts adventures
sox media-sound The swiss army knife of sound processing programs
thunderbird mail-client Thunderbird Mail Client
waybar gui-apps Highly customizable Wayland bar for Sway and Wlroots based compositors
xfce4-mixer xfce-extra A volume control application and panel plugin for Xfce

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