Enable support for the PostScript language (often with ghostscript-gpl or libspectre)
Name Category Description
atril app-text Atril document viewer for MATE
cairo dev-haskell Binding to the Cairo library
cantor kde-apps Interface for doing mathematics and scientific computing
cups-filters net-print Cups filters
diffoscope dev-util Will try to get to the bottom of what makes files or directories different
efl dev-libs Enlightenment Foundation Libraries all-in-one package
evince app-text Simple document viewer for GNOME
fim media-gfx Fbi-IMproved is a framebuffer image viewer based on Fbi and inspired from Vim
gdl dev-lang GNU Data Language
gimp media-gfx GNU Image Manipulation Program
gmt sci-geosciences Powerful map generator
g-octave app-portage A tool that generates and installs ebuilds for Octave-Forge
gr sci-visualization Universal framework for cross-platform visualization applications
gramps app-misc Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System
graphicsmagick media-gfx Collection of tools and libraries for many image formats
graphviz media-gfx Open Source Graph Visualization Software
ibus-table-extraphrase app-i18n Chinese extra phrases for IBus-Table
imagemagick media-gfx A collection of tools and libraries for many image formats
inkscape media-gfx SVG based generic vector-drawing program
netpbm media-libs A set of utilities for converting to/from the netpbm (and related) formats

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