Enable precompiled header support for faster compilation at the expense of disk space and memory (>=sys-devel/gcc-3.4 only)
Name Category Description
ncftp net-ftp An extremely configurable ftp client
ogre dev-games Object-oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
opencv media-libs A collection of algorithms and sample code for various computer vision problems
openjdk dev-java Open source implementation of the Java programming language
oprofile dev-util A transparent low-overhead system-wide profiler
p7zip app-arch Port of 7-Zip archiver for Unix
pixeltool dev-qt Qt screen magnifier
podcast dev-ruby A pure Ruby library for generating podcasts from mp3 files
ppl dev-libs The Parma Polyhedra Library for numerical analysis of complex systems
qdbusviewer dev-qt Graphical tool that lets you introspect D-Bus objects and messages
qtcore dev-qt Cross-platform application development framework
qtdbus dev-qt Qt5 module for inter-process communication over the D-Bus protocol
qtdeclarative dev-qt The QML and Quick modules for the Qt5 framework
qtgui dev-qt The GUI module and platform plugins for the Qt5 framework
qthelp dev-qt Qt5 module for integrating online documentation into applications
qtmultimedia dev-qt Multimedia (audio, video, radio, camera) library for the Qt5 framework
qtopengl dev-qt OpenGL support library for the Qt5 framework (deprecated)
qtscript dev-qt Application scripting library for the Qt5 framework (deprecated)
qtsql dev-qt SQL abstraction library for the Qt5 framework
qtsvg dev-qt SVG rendering library for the Qt5 framework

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