Add support for the Open Audio Library
Name Category Description
aegisub media-video Advanced subtitle editor
allegro media-libs Cross-platform library aimed at video game and multimedia programming
blender media-gfx 3D Creation/Animation/Publishing System
Class-Member dev-perl Class::Member - A set of modules to make the module developement easier
coin media-libs A high-level 3D graphics toolkit, fully compatible with SGI Open Inventor 2.1
colobot games-strategy Colobot is an educational real-time strategy video game featuring 3D graphics
crossover-bin app-emulation Commercial version of app-emulation/wine with paid support.
dolphin games-emulation Gamecube and Wii game emulator
doomsday games-fps A modern gaming engine for Doom, Heretic, and Hexen
fakenes games-emulation Portable, Open Source NES emulator which is written mostly in C
ffmpeg media-video Complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. Includes libavcodec
flinker dev-games GBA cart writing utility by Jeff Frohwein
ghc dev-lang The Glasgow Haskell Compiler
gzdoom games-fps A modder-friendly OpenGL source port based on the DOOM engine
higan games-emulation A multi-system game emulator formerly known as bsnes
libav media-video Complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video
libkdegames kde-apps Base library common to many KDE games
libmikmod media-libs A library to play a wide range of module formats
lightspark www-plugins High performance flash player
metapost dev-tex System for producing graphics

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