Name Category Description
gnucash-docs app-doc Documentation package for GnuCash
google-chrome www-client The web browser from Google
google-chrome-beta www-client The web browser from Google
google-chrome-unstable www-client The web browser from Google
groff sys-apps Text formatter used for man pages
hengband games-roguelike An Angband variant, with a Japanese/fantasy theme
hugin media-gfx GUI for the creation & processing of panoramic images
icaclient net-misc ICA Client for Citrix Presentation servers
infinality-ultimate-meta media-fonts Meta package for infinality-ultimate with fonts
iscan media-gfx EPSON Image Scan! for Linux (including sane-epkowa backend)
julius app-accessibility Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Engine
k3b kde-apps Full-featured burning and ripping application based on KDE Frameworks
kaffeine media-video Media player with digital TV support by KDE
kaudiocreator media-sound CD ripper and audio encoder frontend based on KDE Frameworks
kcoloredit media-gfx Tool for editing color palettes
kdbg dev-util Graphical debugger interface
kdeconnect kde-misc Adds communication between KDE Plasma and your smartphone
kde-gtk-config kde-plasma KDE Plasma systemsettings kcm to set GTK application look&feel
kdesvn dev-vcs A frontend to the subversion vcs
kdiff3 kde-misc Frontend to diff3 based on KDE Frameworks

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