News as on April 2014: Calculate Update 3.2 alpha

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Previously on Calculate

We've had numerous requests from users


On our way... Some news for October 2013

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We've made the first step

Among things that make CL the system it is, Calculate Utilities certainly come first. You must have noticed that several versions of them can be (and actually are) used simultaneously : 2.1, 2.2 and 3.1. Calculate 2.1 are server utilities (the calculate-server package), Calculate 2.2 handle the building procedure, Calculate 3.1 are standard setup tools. Why make it so complicated?


What's New on Calculate Linux (May 2012) (1 comment)

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Calculate Linux 12 Alpha

Since May, 25, all our Stage images include the Alpha version of the new graphical installer: just click on the corresponding icon on your desktop to launch it. Though the numbering has not changed and the installer visually appears the same, these may be considered CL 12 alphas.


Some Christmas gifts, some New Year's resolutions (80 comment)

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Calculate User Map

Yesterday was a day of glory (and don't you dare say it sounds more like a day of narcissism): we launched the Calculate User Map service to see who our users are and where they're from. Now don't be shy to add yourself to the map!


Building Your Own Gentoo-Based Linux System

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Gentoo is justly appreciated for its flexibility: Portage allows you to build a system optimized for any tasks you may need to perform. And believe me, it's really for the best if the cute blonde from your office should never compile Firefox on her own... Never mind my machismo, what can be better than a distribution you only have to build once! So that after 5 or 10 minutes of installation, you find yourself with the whole bunch of software you need and which you have assembled, configured and optimized


Update: Calculate Utilities 2.2.25 Released (24 comment)

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Calculate Utilities were updated to v2.2.25. For this new version, we made 22 fixes to improve functionality. Those were mostly bound for Calculate Linux 11.9.


Configuring Your Desktop in Calculate Linux 11.9 (25 comment)

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Our brand-new Calculate Linux 11.9 provides a new method of configuring user profiles. In this article, I will try to describe the procedure for Calculate Linux Desktop, focusing on the main operations.


Update utilities Calculate Utilities 2.2.21

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I am glad to present you an update utilities Calculate. Full list available on the page News. Here I will describe in more detail the main novelties.


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