Calculate Utilities 2.2.21 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy about 9 years ago

  • The option '--live' utilities cl-install renamed '--startup'.
  • Added option '--live' for utilities cl-desktop, in the performance of which the user profile can only be dependent on the current system configuration settings.
  • Fixed deletion of variables in a function ini().
  • Setting up local user session is now performed only during the first boot during the installation of packages.
  • During installation, the package set up profiles of all local users including root.
  • Added russian man for cl-install.
  • Fixed the ability to install on jfs.
  • Added support for installation on btrfs.
  • Added removal of the installation files of proprietary drivers.
  • Added output to copy restricted drivers packages during the build system.
  • Fixed playback of video files through mplayer.
  • At the bottom of the desktop now uses fixed names of icons.
  • Fix Numlock setting in XFCE laptop.


Thank you!