Add support for the TIFF image format
Name Category Description
imlib2 media-libs Version 2 of an advanced replacement library for libraries like libXpm
imv media-gfx Minimal image viewer designed for tiling window manager users
iscan media-gfx EPSON Image Scan v3 for Linux
jbig2enc media-libs JBIG2 Encoder and libs
krita media-gfx Free digital painting application. Digital Painting, Creative Freedom!
lcms media-libs A lightweight, speed optimized color management engine
leptonica media-libs C library for image processing and analysis
libafterimage media-libs Afterstep's standalone generic image manipulation library
libextractor media-libs Library to extract metadata from files of arbitrary type
libgdiplus dev-dotnet Library for using System.Drawing with Mono
libgxps app-text Library for handling and rendering XPS documents
libwebp media-libs A lossy image compression format
links www-client A fast and lightweight web browser running in both graphics and text mode
mandelbulber media-gfx Tool to render 3D fractals
mapserver sci-geosciences Development environment for building spatially enabled webapps
Module-ScanDeps dev-perl Recursively scan Perl code for dependencies
netpbm media-libs A set of utilities for converting to/from the netpbm (and related) formats
nomacs media-gfx Qt-based image viewer
okular kde-apps Universal document viewer based on KDE Frameworks
opencv media-libs A collection of algorithms and sample code for various computer vision problems

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