Build with MRI Ruby 3.0.x
Name Category Description
backports dev-ruby Backports of Ruby features for older Ruby
bcrypt_pbkdf dev-ruby Implements bcrypt_pdkfd (a variant of PBKDF2 with bcrypt-based PRF)
bundler dev-ruby An easy way to vendor gem dependencies
connection_pool dev-ruby Generic connection pooling for Ruby
crass dev-ruby Ruby CSS parser that's fully compliant with the CSS Syntax Level 3 specification
ddplugin dev-ruby Provides plugin management for Ruby projects
did_you_mean dev-ruby 'did you mean?'experience in Ruby
google-protobuf dev-ruby Protocol Buffers are Google's data interchange format
hoe dev-ruby Hoe extends rake to provide full project automation
json dev-ruby A JSON implementation as a Ruby extension
kpeg dev-ruby A simple PEG library for Ruby
memoist dev-ruby ActiveSupport::Memoizable with a few enhancements
metaclass dev-ruby Adds a __metaclass__ method to all Ruby objects
minitest dev-ruby minitest/unit is a small and fast replacement for ruby's huge and slow test/unit
minitest-global_expectations dev-ruby Support minitest expectation methods for all objects
minitest-power_assert dev-ruby Power Assert for Minitest
open4 dev-ruby Open3::popen3 with exit status
ox dev-ruby A fast XML parser and Object marshaller
paramesan dev-ruby Parameterized tests in Ruby
pkg-config dev-ruby A pkg-config implementation by Ruby

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