Add support for the Qt 5 application and UI framework
Name Category Description
gnuplot sci-visualization Command-line driven interactive plotting program
gnuradio net-wireless Toolkit that provides signal processing blocks to implement software radios
gpgme app-crypt GnuPG Made Easy is a library for making GnuPG easier to use
gpsbabel sci-geosciences GPS waypoints, tracks and routes converter
gpsd sci-geosciences GPS daemon and library for USB/serial GPS devices and GPS/mapping clients
gr sci-visualization Universal framework for cross-platform visualization applications
graphviz media-gfx Open Source Graph Visualization Software
gr-fosphor net-analyzer gnuradio fosphor block (GPU spectrum display)
guvcview media-video Simple Qt5 or GTK+3 interface for capturing and viewing video from v4l2 devices
gwenhywfar sys-libs Multi-platform helper library for other libraries
heaptrack dev-util Fast heap memory profiler
heimdall app-mobilephone Tool suite used to flash firmware onto Samsung devices
highlight app-text Converts source code to formatted text (HTML, LaTeX, etc.) with syntax highlight
hplip net-print HP Linux Imaging and Printing - Print, scan, fax drivers and service tools
i7z app-benchmarks A better i7 (and now i3, i5) reporting tool for Linux
imsettings app-i18n Delivery framework for general Input Method configuration
ipython dev-python Advanced interactive shell for Python
jalv media-sound Simple but fully featured LV2 host for Jack
jreen net-libs Qt XMPP library
kdiff3 kde-misc Frontend to diff3 based on KDE Frameworks

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