Add support for the Qt 5 application and UI framework
Name Category Description
86Box app-emulation Emulator of x86-based machines based on PCem
android-file-transfer-linux sys-fs Android File Transfer for Linux
ansifilter app-text Handles text files containing ANSI terminal escape codes
apitrace dev-util Tool for tracing, analyzing, and debugging graphics APIs
appstream dev-libs Cross-distro effort for providing metadata for software in the Linux ecosystem
avahi net-dns System which facilitates service discovery on a local network
avidemux-plugins media-libs Plugins for the video editor media-video/avidemux
avogadrolibs sci-libs Advanced molecule editor and visualizer 2 - libraries
backintime app-backup Backup system inspired by TimeVault and FlyBack
bacula app-backup Featureful client/server network backup suite
calcmysky sci-astronomy Simulator of light scattering by planetary atmospheres
calculate-icon-theme x11-themes Icons theme for Calculate Linux
calculate-utils sys-apps A set of Calculate utilities for system installation, build and upgrade
celestia sci-astronomy OpenGL 3D space simulator
chromium www-client Open-source version of Google Chrome web browser
cmake dev-util Cross platform Make
cppcheck dev-util Static analyzer of C/C++ code
dhcpcd-ui net-misc Desktop notification and configuration for dhcpcd
doxygen app-doc Documentation system for most programming languages
eiskaltdcpp net-p2p Qt/DC++ based client for DirectConnect and ADC protocols

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