Build with Python 3.7
Name Category Description
sh dev-python Python subprocess interface
Shapely sci-libs Geometric objects, predicates, and operations
shiboken2 dev-python Python binding generator for C++ libraries
shutilwhich dev-python A copy & paste backport of Python 3.3's shutil.which function
sigil app-text Multi-platform WYSIWYG ebook editor for ePub format
sigrok-cli sci-electronics Command-line client for the sigrok logic analyzer software
simplebayes dev-python memory-based, optional-persistence naive bayesian text classifier
simpleeval dev-python A simple, safe single expression evaluator library
simplegeneric dev-python Simple generic functions for Python
simplejson dev-python Simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python
simplekml dev-python enables you to generate KML with as little effort as possible
simplesoapy dev-python Simple pythonic wrapper for SoapySDR library
simplespectral dev-python Heavily simplified scipy.signal.spectral module
simpy dev-python Object-oriented, process-based discrete-event simulation language
singularity games-simulation Simulation of a true AI. Go from computer to computer, chased by the whole world
sip dev-python Python extension module generator for C and C++ libraries
six dev-python Python 2 and 3 compatibility library
sjcl dev-python Decrypt and encrypt messages compatible to the SJCL message format
skype-dbus-mock net-im Mocked systemd dbus interface for skype 8.30+
slackclient dev-python Client for Slack supporting the Slack Web and Real Time Messaging API

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