Build with Python 3.7
Name Category Description
selenium dev-python Python language binding for Selenium Remote Control
selinux-python sys-apps SELinux core utilities
semantic_version dev-python Python library providing a few tools handling SemVer in Python
semver dev-python A Python module for semantic versioning
send2trash dev-python Sends files to the Trash (or Recycle Bin)
sentinels dev-python Python Sentinels class which are objects with special meanings.
sentry-sdk dev-python Python client for Sentry
serpent dev-python A simple serialization library based on ast.literal_eval
servefile www-servers Serve a single file via HTTP
serverfiles dev-python Utility for accessing HTTP server and storing files locally for reuse
service_identity dev-python Service identity verification for pyOpenSSL
setools app-admin Policy Analysis Tools for SELinux
setproctitle dev-python Allow customization of the process title
setuptools dev-python Collection of extensions to Distutils
setuptools-git dev-python Setuptools revision control system plugin for Git
setuptools_scm dev-python Manage versions by scm tags via setuptools
setuptools_scm_git_archive dev-python A setuptools_scm plugin for git archives
setuptools_trial dev-python Setuptools plugin that makes unit tests execute with trial instead of pyunit
sexpdata dev-python a simple S-expression parser/serializer
sgmllib3k dev-python Py3k port of sgmllib

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