Build for Python 3.10 only
Name Category Description
a2jmidid media-sound Daemon for exposing legacy ALSA sequencer applications in JACK MIDI system
accerciser app-accessibility Interactive Python accessibility explorer
aflplusplus app-forensics A fork of AFL, the popular compile-time instrumentation fuzzer
ananicy app-admin ANother Auto NICe daemon
apitrace dev-util Tool for tracing, analyzing, and debugging graphics APIs
asciidoc app-text A plain text human readable/writable document format
bleachbit sys-apps Clean junk to free disk space and to maintain privacy
bliss-initramfs sys-kernel Boot your system's rootfs from Encrypted/OpenZFS.
blueman net-wireless Simple and intuitive GTK+ Bluetooth Manager
bluez net-wireless Bluetooth Tools and System Daemons for Linux
borgmatic app-backup Automatically create, prune and verify backups with borgbackup
bowtie sci-biology Popular short read aligner for Next-generation sequencing data
caja-admin mate-extra Caja Admin Extension
caja-dropbox mate-extra Store, Sync and Share Files Online
cantor kde-apps Interface for doing mathematics and scientific computing
charliecloud sys-cluster Lightweight user-defined software stacks for high-performance computing
clamtk app-antivirus A graphical front-end for ClamAV
clang sys-devel C language family frontend for LLVM
clippy dev-util Standalone clippy tool built from FRR sources
commandergenius games-arcade Open Source Commander Keen clone (needs original game files)

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