Build for Python 3.10 only
Name Category Description
apitrace dev-util Tool for tracing, analyzing, and debugging graphics APIs
bliss-initramfs sys-kernel Boot your system's rootfs from Encrypted/OpenZFS.
commandergenius games-arcade Open Source Commander Keen clone (needs original game files)
cutter dev-util A Qt and C++ GUI for rizin reverse engineering framework
econnman net-misc ConnMan User Interface written with EFL & python
edid-fixdim sys-apps Tool to fix screen dimensions in EDID data dumps
eselect-repository app-eselect Manage repos.conf via eselect
fwupd sys-apps Aims to make updating firmware on Linux automatic, safe and reliable
gdb sys-devel GNU debugger
gimp media-gfx GNU Image Manipulation Program
git dev-vcs stupid content tracker: distributed VCS designed for speed and efficiency
golly app-misc simulator for Conway's Game of Life and other cellular automata
gundo app-vim vim plugin: visualize your vim undo tree
gvim app-editors GUI version of the Vim text editor
hatari games-emulation Atari ST emulator
include-what-you-use dev-util Find unused include directives in C/C++ programs
ki18n kde-frameworks Framework based on Gettext for internationalizing user interface text
libiptcdata media-libs Library for International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) metadata
lilypond media-sound GNU Music Typesetter
menumaker x11-misc Utility that scans through the system and generates a menu of installed programs

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