Add support for Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
Name Category Description
aircrack-ng net-wireless WLAN tools for breaking 802.11 WEP/WPA keys
anope net-irc Anope IRC Services
apachetop app-admin A realtime Apache log analyzer
atftp net-ftp Advanced TFTP implementation client/server
atheme-services net-irc A portable and secure set of open-source and modular IRC services
carbon-c-relay app-misc Enhanced C version of Carbon relay, aggregator and rewriter
cegui dev-games Crazy Eddie's GUI System
classads sys-cluster Condor's classified advertisement language
clisp dev-lisp A portable, bytecode-compiled implementation of Common Lisp
coccinelle dev-util Program matching and transformation engine
compton x11-misc A compositor for X, and a fork of xcompmgr-dana
cppcheck dev-util Static analyzer of C/C++ code
ctags dev-util Exuberant Ctags creates tags files for code browsing in editors
eiskaltdcpp net-p2p Qt/DC++ based client for DirectConnect and ADC protocols
fdm net-mail Fetch, filter and deliver mail
git dev-vcs Stupid content tracker: distributed VCS designed for speed and efficiency
gmt sci-geosciences Powerful map generator
grep sys-apps GNU regular expression matcher
haproxy net-proxy A TCP/HTTP reverse proxy for high availability environments
hydra net-analyzer Parallelized network login hacker

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