Add support for network audio sound
Name Category Description
alsaplayer media-sound A heavily multi-threaded pluggable audio player
gbsplay media-sound Nintendo Gameboy sound player for GBS format
libao media-libs The Audio Output library
libmikmod media-libs Library to play a wide range of module formats
libsdl media-libs Simple Direct Media Layer 1.2 compatibility wrapper around SDL2
libsdl2 media-libs Simple Direct Media Layer
mpg123 media-sound a realtime MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 audio player for layers 1, 2 and 3
mplayer media-video Media Player for Linux
speech-dispatcher app-accessibility Speech synthesis interface
speech-tools app-accessibility Speech tools for Festival Text to Speech engine
timidity++ media-sound Handy MIDI to WAV converter with OSS and ALSA output support
xemacs app-editors highly customizable open source text editor and application development system
xlockmore x11-misc Just another screensaver application for X

Thank you!