Name Category Description
afflib app-forensics Library that implements the AFF image standard
android-file-transfer-linux sys-fs Android File Transfer for Linux
apt-cacher-ng net-misc Yet another caching HTTP proxy for Debian/Ubuntu software packages
casync net-misc Content-Addressable Data Synchronization Tool
ceph sys-cluster Ceph distributed filesystem
e2fsprogs sys-fs Standard EXT2/EXT3/EXT4 filesystem utilities
glusterfs sys-cluster GlusterFS is a powerful network/cluster filesystem
gvfs gnome-base Virtual filesystem implementation for GIO
libewf app-forensics Implementation of the EWF (SMART and EnCase) image format
libguestfs app-emulation Tools for accessing, inspect and modifying virtual machine (VM) disk images
libpod app-emulation Library and podman tool for running OCI-based containers in Pods
libvirt app-emulation C toolkit to manipulate virtual machines
openafs net-fs The OpenAFS distributed file system
open-vm-tools app-emulation Opensourced tools for VMware guests
owfs sys-fs Access 1-Wire devices like a filesystem
s390-tools sys-apps User space utilities for the zSeries (s390) Linux kernel and device drivers
setools app-admin Policy Analysis Tools for SELinux
swtpm app-crypt Libtpms-based TPM emulator
usermode-utilities sys-apps Tools for use with Usermode Linux virtual machines
wimlib app-arch The open source Windows Imaging (WIM) library

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