Name Category Description
akonadi kde-apps Storage service for PIM data and libraries for PIM apps
kcompletion kde-frameworks Framework for common completion tasks such as filename or URL completion
kconfigwidgets kde-frameworks Framework providing an assortment of configuration-related widgets
kiconthemes kde-frameworks Framework for icon theming and configuration
kio kde-frameworks Framework providing transparent file and data management
kitemviews kde-frameworks Framework providing additional widgets for item models
kpimtextedit kde-apps Extended text editor for PIM applications
kplotting kde-frameworks Framework providing easy data-plotting functions
ktextwidgets kde-frameworks Framework providing an assortment of widgets for displaying and editing text
kwidgetsaddons kde-frameworks An assortment of high-level widgets for common tasks
kxmlgui kde-frameworks Framework for managing menu and toolbar actions in an abstract way
libkdepim kde-apps Common PIM libraries
libksysguard kde-plasma Task management and system monitoring library
libQGLViewer x11-libs C++ library based on Qt that eases the creation of OpenGL 3D viewers
mailcommon kde-apps Common mail library
marble kde-apps Virtual Globe and World Atlas to learn more about Earth
okteta app-editors Hex editor by KDE
phonon media-libs KDE multimedia abstraction library
pimcommon kde-apps Common PIM libraries
PyQt5 dev-python Python bindings for the Qt framework

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