Enable SSE4.1 instruction support
Name Category Description
babl media-libs A dynamic, any to any, pixel format conversion library
ceph sys-cluster Ceph distributed filesystem
crypto++ dev-libs C++ class library of cryptographic schemes
dlib sci-libs Numerical and networking C++ library
eigen dev-cpp C++ template library for linear algebra
ffmpeg media-video Complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. Includes libavcodec
freeverb3 media-libs Reverb and Impulse Response Convolution plug-ins (Audacious/JACK)
gf2x dev-libs C/C++ routines for fast arithmetic in GF(2)[x]
gromacs sci-chemistry The ultimate molecular dynamics simulation package
hashable dev-haskell A class for types that can be converted to a hash value
hashtables dev-haskell Mutable hash tables in the ST monad
libaom media-libs Alliance for Open Media AV1 Codec SDK
libav media-video Complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video
libsodium dev-libs A portable fork of NaCl, a higher-level cryptographic library
libvpx media-libs WebM VP8 and VP9 Codec SDK
libwebp media-libs A lossy image compression format
marisa dev-libs Matching Algorithm with Recursively Implemented StorAge
mpv media-video Media player based on MPlayer and mplayer2
openal media-libs A software implementation of the OpenAL 3D audio API
opencv media-libs A collection of algorithms and sample code for various computer vision problems

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