Enable bindings for dev-lang/vala
Name Category Description
gspell app-text Spell check library for GTK+ applications
gssdp net-libs GObject-based API for handling resource discovery and announcement over SSDP
gst-rtsp-server media-libs A GStreamer based RTSP server
gtksourceview x11-libs A text widget implementing syntax highlighting and other features
gtkspell app-text Spell checking widget for GTK
gtk-vnc net-libs VNC viewer widget for GTK
gucharmap gnome-extra Unicode character map viewer and library
gupnp net-libs An object-oriented framework for creating UPnP devs and control points
ibus app-i18n Intelligent Input Bus for Linux / Unix OS
jsonrpc-glib dev-libs JSON-RPC library for GLib
libchamplain media-libs Clutter based world map renderer
libdazzle dev-libs Experimental new features for GTK+ and GLib
libfm x11-libs Library for file management
libgda gnome-extra GNOME database access library
libgdata dev-libs GLib-based library for accessing online service APIs using the GData protocol
libgit2-glib dev-libs Git library for GLib
libgusb dev-libs GObject wrapper for libusb
libgweather dev-libs Location and timezone database and weather-lookup library
libhandy gui-libs Building blocks for modern adaptive GNOME apps
libical dev-libs Implementation of basic iCAL protocols

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