Enable support for syslog
Name Category Description
asterisk net-misc Asterisk: A Modular Open Source PBX System
busybox sys-apps Utilities for rescue and embedded systems
dracut sys-kernel Generic initramfs generation tool
dropbear net-misc small SSH 2 client/server designed for small memory environments
dspam mail-filter A statistical-algorithmic hybrid anti-spam filter
elektra app-admin Framework to store config parameters in hierarchical key-value pairs
exim mail-mta A highly configurable, drop-in replacement for sendmail
freeipmi sys-libs Provides Remote-Console and System Management Software as per IPMI v1.5/2.0
ganeti app-emulation Ganeti is a virtual server management software tool
glusterfs sys-cluster GlusterFS is a powerful network/cluster filesystem
gnatcoll dev-ada GNAT Component Collection
gnatcoll-bindings dev-ada GNAT Component Collection
jnettop net-analyzer A top like console network traffic visualiser
lastfmlib media-libs C++ library to scrobble tracks on
libsrtp net-libs Open-source implementation of the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)
libteam net-misc Library and tools set for controlling team network device
munin net-analyzer Munin Server Monitoring Tool
nginx www-servers Robust, small and high performance http and reverse proxy server
ntpclient net-misc A NTP (RFC-1305 and RFC-4330) client for unix-alike systems
nufw net-firewall An enterprise grade authenticating firewall based on netfilter

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