Build static versions of dynamic libraries as well
Name Category Description
avfs sys-fs AVFS is a virtual filesystem that allows browsing of compressed files
aws-c-cal dev-libs Crypto Abstraction Layer: Cross-Platform C99 wrapper for cryptography primitives
aws-c-common dev-libs Core c99 package for AWS SDK for C
aws-c-event-stream dev-libs C99 implementation of the content-type
aws-checksums dev-libs Cross-Platform HW accelerated CRC32c and CRC32 with software fallbacks
aws-c-io dev-libs AWS SDK for C module, handles IO and TLS work for application protocols
aws-sdk-cpp dev-libs AWS SDK for C++
axtls net-libs Embedded client/server TLSv1 SSL library and small HTTP(S) server
bamtools sci-biology A programmer's API and an end-user's toolkit for handling BAM files
barry app-pda Sync, backup, program management, and charging for BlackBerry devices
bcg729 media-libs Encoder and decoder of the ITU G729 Annex A/B speech codec
beagle sci-libs Open BEAGLE, a versatile EC/GA/GP framework
bind net-dns Berkeley Internet Name Domain - Name Server
bind net-dns Berkeley Internet Name Domain - Name Server
binutils sys-devel Tools necessary to build programs
binutils-hppa64 sys-devel Tools necessary to build programs
binutils-libs sys-libs Core binutils libraries (libbfd, libopcodes, libiberty) for external packages
bio2jack media-libs A library for porting blocked I/O OSS/ALSA audio applications to JACK
bitset dev-libs A compressed bitset with supporting data structures and algorithms
blackbox x11-wm A small, fast, full-featured window manager for X

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