Build with Python 3.10
Name Category Description
sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml dev-python Sphinx extension which outputs outputs serialized HTML files
sphinxcontrib-spelling dev-python Sphinx spelling extension
sphinxcontrib-trio dev-python Make Sphinx better at documenting Python functions and methods
sphinxcontrib-websupport dev-python Sphinx websupport extension
sphinxemoji dev-python Extension to use emoji codes in your Sphinx documentation
sphinx-epytext dev-python Sphinx epytext extension
sphinx-gallery dev-python Sphinx extension to automatically generate an examples gallery
sphinx-issues dev-python Sphinx extension for linking to your project's issue tracker
sphinx_lv2_theme dev-python Minimal pure-CSS Sphinx theme using the LV2 plugin documentation style
sphinx-multiversion dev-python Add support for multiple versions to sphinx
sphinx-notfound-page dev-python Create a custom 404 page with absolute URLs hardcoded
sphinx-panels dev-python A sphinx extension for creating panels in a grid layout
sphinx-prompt dev-python Sphinx directive to add unselectable prompt
sphinx-py3doc-enhanced-theme dev-python Enhanced Sphinx theme (based on Python 3 docs)
sphinx_rtd_theme dev-python theme for Sphinx
sphinx_selective_exclude dev-python Sphinx selective rendition extensions
sphinx-tabs dev-python Tabbed views for Sphinx
sphinx-testing dev-python Testing utility classes and functions for Sphinx extensions
sphobjinv dev-python Sphinx objects.inv Inspection/Manipulation Tool
spotipy dev-python A light weight Python library for the Spotify Web API

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