Support for the OpenEXR graphics file format
Name Category Description
blender media-gfx 3D Creation/Animation/Publishing System
calligra app-office KDE Office Suite
darktable media-gfx A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers
devil media-libs DevIL image library
enblend media-gfx Image Blending with Multiresolution Splines
exact-image media-gfx A fast, modern and generic image processing library
freeimage media-libs Image library supporting many formats
freeimage media-libs Image library supporting many formats
gegl media-libs A graph based image processing framework
gimp media-gfx GNU Image Manipulation Program
gmic media-gfx GREYC's Magic Image Converter
gwyddion sci-visualization Framework for Scanning Mode Microscopy data analysis
imagemagick media-gfx A collection of tools and libraries for many image formats
kimageformats kde-frameworks Framework providing additional format plugins for Qt's image I/O system
kio-extras kde-apps KIO plugins present a filesystem-like view of arbitrary data
krita media-gfx Free digital painting application. Digital Painting, Creative Freedom!
mandelbulber media-gfx Tool to render 3D fractals
Module-ScanDeps dev-perl Recursively scan Perl code for dependencies
nvidia-texture-tools media-gfx A set of cuda-enabled texture tools and compressors
ogre dev-games Object-oriented Graphics Rendering Engine

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