Add support for file type detection via magic bytes (usually via libmagic from sys-apps/file)
Name Category Description
engrampa app-arch Engrampa archive manager for MATE
gerbera net-misc UPnP Media Server
git-annex dev-vcs manage files with git, without checking their contents into git
jira dev-python Python library for interacting with the JIRA REST API
libextractor media-libs Library to extract metadata from files of arbitrary type
mldonkey net-p2p Multi-network P2P application written in Ocaml, with Gtk, web & telnet interface
moc media-sound Music On Console - ncurses interface for playing audio files
nano app-editors GNU GPL'd Pico clone with more functionality
pshs www-servers Pretty small HTTP server -- a command-line tool to share files
vifm app-misc Console file manager with vi(m)-like keybindings
viking sci-geosciences GPS data editor and analyzer
zathura app-text A highly customizable and functional document viewer

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