Build with LuaJIT
Name Category Description
busted dev-lua Elegant Lua unit testing
busted-htest dev-lua Pretty output handler for Busted
dkjson dev-lua David Kolf's JSON module for Lua
inifile dev-lua A simple and complete ini parser for Lua
lanes dev-lua Lightweight, native, lazy evaluating multithreading library
lgi dev-lua Lua bindings using gobject-introspection
lpeg dev-lua Parsing Expression Grammars for Lua
lua-argparse dev-lua Feature-rich command line parser for Lua
lua-bit32 dev-lua Backported Lua bit manipulation library
LuaBitOp dev-lua Bit Operations Library for the Lua Programming Language
luacheck dev-lua A tool for linting and static analysis of Lua code
lua-cjson dev-lua A fast JSON encoding/parsing module for Lua
lua_cliargs dev-lua A command-line argument parsing module for Lua
luacov dev-lua A simple coverage analyzer for Lua scripts
luadbi dev-lua A database interface library for Lua
luaevent dev-lua Binding of libevent for Lua
luaexpat dev-lua A SAX XML parser based on the Expat library
luafilesystem dev-lua File System Library for the Lua programming language
luajson dev-lua JSON Parser/Constructor for Lua
lualdap dev-lua A lua binding for the OpenLDAP client libraries

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