Name Category Description
electron-cash net-misc Lightweight Bitcoin Cash client (BCH fork of Electrum)
giac sci-mathematics A free C++ Computer Algebra System library and its interfaces
gnucash-docs app-doc Documentation package for GnuCash
hunspell app-text Spell checker, morphological analyzer library and command-line tool
i2p net-vpn A privacy-centric, anonymous network
kapow x11-misc A punch clock program designed to easily keep track of your hours
kyocera-1x2x-mfp-driver net-print Printer descriptions (PPDs) and filters for Kyocera 1x2x MFP
libreoffice-l10n app-office Translations for the Libreoffice suite
lilypond media-sound GNU Music Typesetter
maxima sci-mathematics Free computer algebra environment based on Macsyma
mixxx media-sound Advanced Digital DJ tool based on Qt
sumwars games-rpg Multi-player, 3D action role-playing game
tagainijisho app-i18n Open-source Japanese dictionary and kanji lookup tool
tessdata_best app-text Most accurate trained models for app-text/tesseract
tessdata_fast app-text Fast integer versions of trained models for app-text/tesseract
tessdata_legacy app-text Trained models for app-text/tesseract compatible with the legacy engine
texlive app-text A complete TeX distribution
unetbootin sys-boot UNetbootin installs Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive
xkcdpass app-admin Password generator inspired by XKCD 936

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