Name Category Description
ktp-contact-runner kde-apps KDE Telepathy krunner plugin
ktp-desktop-applets kde-apps KDE Telepathy contact, presence and chat Plasma applets
ktp-filetransfer-handler kde-apps KDE Telepathy file transfer handler
ktp-kded-module kde-apps KDE Telepathy workspace integration
ktp-send-file kde-apps KDE Telepathy file manager plugin to send files to contacts
ktp-text-ui kde-apps KDE Telepathy text chat window
kuickshow media-gfx Image viewer based on KDE Frameworks
kxstitch media-gfx Program to create cross stitch patterns
kyocera-1x2x-mfp-driver net-print Printer descriptions (PPDs) and filters for Kyocera 1x2x MFP
kyocera-mita-ppds net-print PPD description files for (some) Kyocera Mita Printers
libktorrent net-libs BitTorrent library based on KDE Frameworks
libreoffice-l10n app-office Translations for the Libreoffice suite
lilypond media-sound GNU Music Typesetter
luminance-hdr media-gfx Graphical user interface that provides a workflow for HDR imaging
lure games-rpg Play as the young peasant named Diermot who has to overthrow an evil sorceress
man-pages sys-apps A somewhat comprehensive collection of Linux man pages
man-pages-l10n app-i18n A somewhat comprehensive collection of man page translations
mbrola app-accessibility Speech synthesizer based on the concatenation of diphones
mbrola-voices app-accessibility mbrola speech synthesizer voices database
mcabber net-im A small Jabber console client with various features, like MUC, SSL, PGP

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